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Founded on the belief that traveling and learning about the world and its many cultures enriches individuals and society as a whole, Travel Dynamics International excels at voyages to places that offer a historic and cultural environment.



Part of what makes Travel Dynamics International so international is our staff—they hail from Portugal, Norway, Chile, Australia, The Philippines, Greece, Albania, Croatia, Russia, China and Japan, among other far-flung nations. They have strong educational backgrounds. They speak many languages. And they are veteran cruise directors, expedition leaders and tour directors, who together have more than 500 years’ experience in the travel industry.

 These are seasoned experts who know each destination intimately. Whether it is recommending a restaurant or a beach, or ensuring a smooth transition from ship to shore, our field staff have the knowledge and expertise you’ll need to enjoy the best travel experience possible. On your voyage, they are constantly working behind the scenes, minute-by-minute and around the clock, to ensure satisfaction for all on board.


This was the best trip we have ever taken, and we have taken 18 cruises.

Irwin Silberman

Sherman Oaks, CA

Oct. 6, 2013

And Unique Highlights

Who We Are

Yes, we are a leading operator of high-caliber educational cruises aboard small ships. But that’s not the main reason why you’ll want to travel with us again and again.

Every itinerary we create is unique, one of a kind, and it is designed to excite you, and inform you, and intrigue you. We never limit you to “the star attractions,” “the hot destination,” or “the next great escape.” Instead, we create thoughtful, coherent voyages that place the most beautiful and significant sites in context with lesser-known gems.

When you sail with Travel Dynamics International, you may follow Magellan from Spain to Tierra del Fuego, or visit the world’s most remote inhabited island en route from Cape Horn to the Cape of Good Hope, or trace Odysseus’ journey home.

At Travel Dynamics International, our staff comes to work every day eager to open new destinations to travelers, and to develop itineraries that challenge our travelers to think deeply, and admire graciously, with every step they take. We are amazed by the world. And we believe places have stories they’d like to tell us.

Cruising with a Purpose

This idea has been the guiding spirit of every voyage we have ever charted since we first founded Travel Dynamics International almost 45 years ago. We have followed the journeys of Odysseus, St. Paul, Charles Darwin, and Jason and the Argonauts. We have visited the fabled ancient Greek cities of Asia Minor, the outposts of the Venetian Empire in the Eastern Mediterranean, and the most magnificent achievements of the Pharaohs along the Nile. We have dropped anchor off pristine islands in the Indian Ocean, followed the Amazon into the emerald heart of the rain forest, and beached our landing craft on the ice-bound coast of Antarctica.

But no matter where we have sailed, our goal has remained the same: to introduce you to extraordinary places that will lift your heart, fire your imagination, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Small-Ship Cruising in Perfect Comfort

Small ships are the foundation of the Travel Dynamics International philosophy of travel. To us, every voyage is a journey of exploration, and as any explorer will tell you, that requires time and flexibility. A small ship provides us with both. While the mega-liners are locked into a set schedule, our ships enjoy the luxury of spontaneity. If a beautiful little cove comes into view, the captain may drop anchor so you can swim or snorkel from the marina at the stern of the yacht. If the chefs spot a secluded beach, they may be inspired to prepare a picnic lunch to be served on shore.

This leisurely approach to travel extends to our destinations as well. At every site we visit, you'll have plenty of time to listen to the presentations by our expert onboard lecturers and guides and then strike out for some in-depth investigation of your own.

Furthermore, we tend to stay in port late. This gives you an opportunity to take a walk around the town after dinner. Or to linger over coffee in a cafe on the town square. At every place we sail, we give you the freedom to exercise your options, and the leisure to savor each destination at your own pace.

Shore Excursions

Our cruise price includes all activities on terra firma, from guided tours to special performances and in-country transportation. This reflects our philosophy that each leg of the journey is an integral part of the whole experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are your cruises only aboard small ships?

    Small ships offer several advantages that mass cruiseliners cannot match.

    First, small ships can dock or anchor almost anywhere. We are not limited to large commercial ports, and can slip into small towns and tiny fishing villages far from the vacationing throngs. That means you will step off our ships into an authentic place, rather than a tourist trap.

    Second, traveling with a small group means that our destinations will overwhelm you, not the other way around. As tourism expands around the globe, experiencing a destination’s genuine character is an increasing rarity, except on a Travel Dynamics International voyage.

    Third, while mega-liners appear to offer limitless variety, they are often highly impersonal. On our small craft, our staff is able to respond to your personal tastes and preferences to your complete satisfaction. With our convivial cocktail hours, and single, unassigned seating for all shipboard meals, you will be able to meet everyone on your cruise, and dine, chat and travel among friendly faces. 

  • You say that we will be cruising with “like-minded travelers.” What does that mean?

    Our guests are often well-educated, successful in diverse fields and–most importantly–keenly interested in broadening the cultural, intellectual and physical horizons of their world. People who decide to cruise with us consider the elegance and luxury we provide to be a lovely complement to the travel experience, not its ultimate goal. Traveling with a small group of like-minded travelers creates an unmatched camaraderie and ambiance aboard ship. Our guests frequently strike up new friendships within minutes of embarking and reunite for future travel.

  • So many of these trips are based upon historical and cultural themes. They appear a bit obscure or esoteric. Can I have a nice relaxing cruise to beautiful locales?

    Of course! You are under absolutely no obligation to attend any lectures or go on any of the excursions that don’t interest you. We do, however, arrange each port of call on our itineraries, and carefully consider each excursion as a part of a larger whole. We feel that gaining a broader and richer understanding of the culture, history and environment of our destinations is far more rewarding, and pleasurable, than a typical pleasure cruise.

  • I’m elderly and a bit slow on my feet. What is the activity level for these trips? Can I keep up?

    We are highly experienced in catering to the needs of elderly guests. Our walking tours are scheduled with your health, safety and comfort level in mind. Though the archaeological sites and medieval villages we visit are often on uneven ground involving climbing and descending stairs, there will always be places where you may sit down and rest. Our motorcoaches are comfortably air-conditioned, equipped with bathroom facilities in most places and supplied with bottled water for your refreshment.  If you are unsure whether your health will allow you to participate in our voyages, please contact us to further discuss.

  • Do you offer any discounted group airfare?

    This varies from program to program. Call us for details. In general, the program price includes any internal airfare, but excludes airfare to and from your hometown.

  • Do I have to buy my air transportation from Valerie Wilson Travel?

    No. Valerie Wilson Travel is our preferred provider for air flight arrangements, and has a division exclusively dedicated to working with our guests. However, you are welcome to book your air transportation through your local travel agent, an online travel site or the airline of your choice–it’s up to you.

  • Upon arrival, where do I meet your representatives for the airport-hotel or airport-ship transfer?

    After you reserve your cruise, you will be sent forms to fill out and return to us, detailing your air-travel schedule. On the designated tour arrival date for our international cruises, we will be waiting for you outside the Luggage Claim area of the airport, holding a “Travel Dynamics” sign or a sign with the ship's name, for your transfer to the ship or hotel. Transfers are not included on our North America & Canadian programs. 

  • What is the standard of attire on board your ships?

    Country-club casual.

  • What are on-board meals like?

    We offer a full buffet breakfast, a buffet lunch and a five-course a la carte dinner with Continental European cuisine, all served in our ships’ restaurants or al fresco on the sun deck if weather allows. There is open seating (table reservations are unnecessary), allowing you to dine with many of your fellow travelers. House wine and beer are complimentary with lunch and dinner. Room service is also available on Corinthian voyages for your convenience.

  • What about safety?

    Safety is our paramount concern, whether in North America, Antarctica or the Mediterranean. Our ships comply with the latest international requirements for safety at sea, and the officers and crew we employ are seasoned mariners. Our first order of business as soon as you arrive on board is a lifejacket/lifeboat drill–though in our nearly 45 years of operating cruises no eventuality has occurred. If inclement weather ever affects our route, we are in full control of the ship and can alter its itinerary, choosing alternate ports and excursions as the situation dictates.

    We ask that you take all necessary medications on board with you. Corinthian has an infirmary with a licensed medical professional, and is stocked with a defibrillator, an emergency kit and basic medications. Yorktown has no infirmary, but never cruises further than a few hours’ journey from ports with medical facilities. 

    When docked in ports, trained watchmen patrol the ship, and visitors are not allowed aboard without prior clearance.  Hand luggage is searched, and other security procedures are followed.  

  • What about travel insurance?

    Travel Dynamics International works alongside Travelex in providing our passengers with quality travel insurance. Please click here to learn more.